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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  November 7, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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ing the cowboys >> scrimmage. zack prescott -- the browns to 247 yards, and completed 80% of his throws, while former ohio state running back zeke yell eliot carved out 92 yards, 2 touchdowns on the ground. very impressive. jim brown like, you might say. it's a short week for hugh jackson and the browns as they play baltimore on thursday night. should we expect more doom and gloom from the browns? what does owner jimmy haslin think about what's
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out there in berea? we'll ask -- those questions on a special edition of channel 3 news at 7:30. from the station that sees it possible, this is channel 3 news, brought to you by the calvetta brothers floor show. it's time to fall in love again with your home. >> and now channel 3 news at 7. >> in the pocket. fires far left side, witten caught it. touchdown dallas. wide open. easy touchdown. goes in, touchdown. looks left, wide open, and it's caught. escobar, touchdown. it has been a very strong, authoritative win for the cowboys today. welcome, everybody, and we have news for you tonight, as the cleveland browns get set to go to
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the ravens. cody kessler is, indeed, the starting quarterback for the browns in that game. we welcome you in on our special edition of channel 3 news. now, the show must be even better tonight. we've had a half hour longer to prepare. mary kay cabot from joining me now. the numbers are sad. franchise record, 12 consecutive losses. 19 of their last 20 games they have lost. 27 of their last 30 games they have lost. de ground. >> oh my gosh. i mean, when you even say that -- >> doesn't that really shake you? . >> it hit home. 27 out of their last 30. and the thing that really strikes me is these fans keep coming back over and over again. i asked hugh jackson, don't you feel bad for people to come out and pay their hard- earned money? he said, "yes, i feel bad." . >> when i give you those
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just because we were -- we had high hopes for hugh jackson coming in. the fans are getting the brunt of everything that's going on. they keep coming back. they are die-hard fans. all we can do is tell them to wait, be patient. >> i know. wait till next year. i don't know if they can accomplish this in a year's time. i think there's so much work to be done. le situation, because there's an endorsement of cody kessler to let him play more. mccowen is healthy. he can play in this game. he's had good games against the ravens. cody kessler will get the start. hugh jackson on a schedule, when you questioned him about kessler's -- "yeah, marry kay, but he didn't win, and he's not winning. >> last week he told us, "i
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kessler play to see if he can be the quarterback of the future. he's not winning. it's not a good grade for after saying, "i'm obligating him to see if he can be the guy." . >> he's evaluating; -- >> can he get the job done? it's hard to see that with an 0- 9 football team. >> let's play a little game here. let's put cody kessler behind the dallas line. and vice versa. let's put zack prescott behind that make-shift always-shifting browns offensive line. i wonder what the picture will look like then. it's just a little what if. unfortunately when you're 0-9, with ear playing a lot of what if. >> i think it's huge. the offensive line -- it's a mess, and all of the woes of the line have really hampered the whole offensive season, the run game, the passing game. it's hard to get a good read on
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him. >> we're still playing the game. though we put up points as a team, as a browns team, they have in previous games, the defense has trouble holding the points, keeping points off the board, and just tack ling for that matter. >> we -- you saw it on the video at the beginning of this show, the easiness, the wide-openness of these dallas touchdowns. i mean, jason witten, a 14-year veteran out of the university of tennessee has never had, at any level camps and strolls to the end zone that he had yesterday. i mean, it's frightening no one is in the area. >> we did see a lot of worn coverages. they're trying so hard to find guys that can play, there's too much mixing and matching going on on the defense. there's too many guys rolling in and -- safety and other positions. they can't communicate. >> :. >> madden himself from new
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winless team. then they put him out here. i know he's probably a really good football player. to learn their scheme in a couple of days would be difficult. >> it is, but it's enlightened they can just put him out there and say, "go get the quarterback." they put him out there in a system he's kind of familiar with. he's still adjusting and learning. i think he had a pretty good ball game >> you just touched on a real key point: they don't get the quarterback. that kid didn't get touched yesterday. >> not at all. that was a big problem. >> and it's josh. even if you don't get sax, you got to hit the guy, right? . >> you have to get some type of rush on him, pressure, and that's why guys like joe hayden are getting scrutinized, because there's no pressure on the quarterback. makes the secondary look -- >> they are way, way down at the bottom of the league in sacks, in takeaways. when you're not disrupting and affecting the quarterback, you're putting undue strain on the back end on your safety, on your corner back. those guys are getting frustrated. those guys are starting to talk after games a little
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okay. when we come back, what does the owner think about this? and the plan that they had in place coming into the season. is this the plan? is this what they were going to
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>> i think our fans, they're outstanding, and i -- again, i can't help but thank them for coming out and supporting a team that's not playing very well now. being very honest, the dog pound and our fans have been outstanding. we have to get them something to keep coming for, and i get that. we got to do that better. and we will. all right. we're back, and was that an answer to your question?
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coming out. okay. there was a plan in place here. okay? there was a plan they detailed with the new front office, and analytics were being brought in. and paul testi was being brought over from a new sport, from baseball to football. but i can not believe they ever thought this would go like this, that they would be 0-9 at this point in time. that's why i throw out this. i think, when rg3 got hurt, this plan really went off the tracks. >> it really did. and that's why i think, in some ways, they'll get a bit of a pass rg3 goes down. then josh goes down. they never thought they would be playing coty kessler this much this season. this is not how it was supposed to be. >> at the same time, this is an nfl football team. they were supposed to get depth. they had a lot of draft picks. they had a lot of opportunity to get free agency, which i felt they were too quiet in, and they didn't go out and get a lot of depth. so when injury did strike, they would have guys that
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of years. we've been around him in some strange williams, where he got rid of a front office after a year, and he's done everything. now he's been very vocal about not making changes with this group. if they're in it for the long term, for the long haul. but this has got to really eat away at a guy who really wants this to succeed, mary kay. >> he told us in 2012 when he showed up at the doorstep he was very impatient. we heard him say that a few other times. but this time this firsthand-picked regime, handpicked coach. so i think he'll ride it out. but i think it's getting difficult for him. >> and that impatient aspect, i think he embodies a relationship that the fans have, because the fans are impatient. we want to win now. and it's not always -- we don't want to hear always "next year." . >> would you ever anticipate now he would call in someone like sashi bern and the other guys who are here, and say, "hey, listen. we're 0-9. give me some fruit on the tree here that i can reach
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is going to get better." can you imagine those meetings happening? >> i'm sure those meetings happened. that's why they went out and got jamie collin. they said, "look, we don't have anything to play defense. we need someone now." they went out and made that trade. >> i definitely agree. they should keep on that same line of thought. go out and get more guys. do what you have to do. make the trade if necessary. make things happen. >> all right, josh. i want to put you on this question, and that is hugh jackson. overflows with confidence. from the day he walked through the doors in berea and accepted the job, i mean, confident. ''we're going to win. we're going to win a lot." how does 0-9 chip away at him? . >> i think it weighs heavy on him. he almost solidified and made a fan base of cleveland, saying, "this is a different regime. we want to have different things happen. we want to win. we want to play good football, and it's not
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into the team he thought it was going to be. >> mary kay, you're in the front row with him at those press conferences. what are you seeing? . >> i think he's trying to put on a brave face. think about this: he's going up against some of his best friends. >> yes. >> in the division. >> marvin louis, like john harbaugh. >> he coached at all these -- >> he coached. it's embarrassing for him to put forth this team. >> i think you should underline that. i think this has become embarrassing for a guy who re pieces he could scheme them up and score a lot of points. when we come back, it's get
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>> this is what the night before pitch sounds like from the candidates. >> i really do want to be the president for everybody. people who vote for me, people who vote against me >> i want you to know that you will have a true friend and champion in donald trump. that i can tell you. >> reporter: in ohio, polls open from 6:30 a.m.
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free doughnuts for you at crispy kreme, a free work out at gold's gym. this is the man police took into custody in rocky river today after an eight-hour chase and stand off. we're told he was chased by police after an alleged shooting out in lorain, drove through several towns before getting stuck in the mud in this river neighborhood. that triggered the substantial doubt off. he is yet unnamed to news the media, but he is understand arrest. notice the price of gas average. prices typically go down in the fall, with production costs being blamed for the high spike. cubs indians is long over, but the mayor of two towns -- each donated a thousands dollars to youth basketball association in the other's city after that world series. benefiting here in cleveland, raum emanuel, giving a thousands dollars to cleveland's historic league park. it's the dinner hour
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expensive. get this, a snow crab just sold for a record-setting $12,000. it was at the first auction of the year in western japan for this windsor delicacy. the prized snow crab weighed nearly 3 pounds. its shell, measured about 6 inches. they can only be caught until march 20th of next year. 56 degrees here at 7:47. betsy, good stuff as we march our way into november here. >> not too bad for early november. election day isn't looking so bad either as far as temperatures go. tonight, it will become partly temperatures are on the mild side, in the upper 40s. there's a storm system out to the west, a front that's straight across the nation's midsection. as it moves eastward, you can see the clouds that are out ahead of it. we'll get those later tonight and for the day tomorrow. and eventually the rain showers will be catching up us as we head through the day tomorrow. your hourly time cast for the day tomorrow starts us off with temperatures near 50, partly cloudy sky. we'll see those clouds increase. the clouds will thicken as well.
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mid-60s, we're likely to have those cloudy skies. now, from west to east, after about 3:00, the rain will begin to move in, and that rain will continue to come down as we go through the night. so the evening commute is looking soggy as well as the evening at the polls. if you're going to wait to vote, maybe voting afford in that little prime-time hour, it does look like we have some rain to contend with. your window nation forecast has cooler temperatures then on wednesday with lingering rain showers in the morning. we get a break on thursday, and then friday is really the we have another significant cool front that's coming in. we will start the day at 50. temperatures fall. and by friday night, we will likely have snow mixing in. changing to the rain showers up we'll have rain-snow mix, maybe even some snow showers in the higher elevation areas east of cleveland. that lingers into saturday morning as temperatures only top out in the mid-0s. but the good news is, by the time we wrap up the weekend and head into the start of next week,
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right around 60 degrees. coming up next here on this special edition of the news at 7:30, scouting report. jimmy and josh and mary kay take a look at the browns' next game, a prime-time
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>> channel 3 news comes back at 7:30 to 8, and then kick off, the browns and ravens, at 8:00. did you always enjoy playing at mnt bank stadium in i think that is one of the most electric places to >> yes. every time the ravens will come back, it's a show. especially when ray louis used to be there. we would stand on the side with some popcorn and enjoy the show. i enjoyed playing in that stadium. >> all right. mary kay, here's the deal. they kind of righted helps yesterday. they beat the steelers. that's big for them. they've gone into a real swoon and lost a couple of games to the jets and giants back to back. what do you think? can they come back? everybody in the division other than the browns has to say, "you know what?
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>> i think the ravens have the momentum now. they're back at home. they just beat the steelers, and the browns obviously coming off a very, very tough loss. so i think it's going to be a tough night. >> josh, here's the other thing i want to ask you: physically for a player to play on sunday and then be asked to play on thursday night and in the browns' case, play on the road on thursday night, how difficult is that? . >> it's really difficult, because it messes up our timing, what we're used to doing, getting prepared for a week. a week to give that's the problem they're going to have. i don't want them to have any built in excuses. profession unless need to be able to do that. profession unless do that. this shouldn't be an excuse or problem going into the game. >> a lot of people are asking this question, so i'll ask you this question: do you sense anybody, quote, "packing it in" yet? . >> no i don't see that. it's a very, very young team, and, you know, these guys haven't been around long enough to know how to pack it in, chum. no. they're young.
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>> have you seen that, too? . >> yeah. >> you are seeing effort? . >> i'm definitely -- >> they played a great team in dallas who is -- they won a lot of games, and it showed. >> all right. you still believe there's a win out there for them? . >> definitely. more than one. i think they'll capital size on a lot of mistakes into the browns stadium, playing against whatever team they are. >> christian kertsy kind of guaranteed it? . >> he guaranteed, "we will not go 0-16." i think it was great he did that. somebody needs to step up and inject a little life in this team. >> mary kay, do you see any effect on the head coach now, that this might be chipping away at him, losing and having to face the media subpoenas he's had to do? . >> absolutely 100%. you know, he's trying really
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to him. he's a very passionate guy. he really wants to wage. he can not stand this. >> what do you see? . >> i think it is tough on him, because he's passionate gnat. he wants to win. by knows this league, how hard it is. this is his first year with the browns. he wanted to truly make a difference and impact. we're just not seeing it. >> yeah, but he needs help. he needs talent, and he needs talent it looks like now. >> he needs wins. >> everywhere. >> but the only way he gets that, i think, is he's got to get be they're across the board. we will talk to you as the week goes on. i'll be reporting from baltimore on thursday night. the browns and ravens. thursday night from mnt bank stadium. thanks for joining us for the special edition of channel 3 news. . thanks for watching channel
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?? ch >> carson: tonight, 20 people down to 12. welcome to "the voice," i'm carson daly. mr. adam levine. her first time with the live shows, miley cyrus. another first timer with an awesome new album out, alicia


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